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As many of you know, I'm moving to Seattle next week and will no longer be promoting Axis of Evil.

lordlothair,styossarian, and freeze_etch will be managing Bloomington's dark dance scene from this point forward, though I will occasionally still be around online to assist with logistics.

Thanks to everyone who has made the last two and a half years of Axis of Evil a huge, undeniable success. Also, many thanks to those of you who danced with me last night. I had to excuse myself from the floor to dab my eyes a few times. It was a really fantastic night for me and I hope it was for you, too.

I hope you'll stay in touch with me, and that Bloomington's dark community will continue to be one of the finest in the Midwest. You guys rock.

Any questions/comments can be left here or directed to axis.of.evil.bloomington at gmail dot com.

Many thanks!

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