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put the seat down.

Time for your monthly flyer update, courtesy of yours truly:

The headline was inspired by a conversation I had with dreadful_red. Yeah, don't ask.

Obviously the tiny JPEG looks like crap, but...Feel free to post it wherever you'd like online--spread the word. Also, here's the usual link to a 300 dpi PDF file that contains this document 2-up (to save paper--2-up is still 8x10 inches). It should print out fine on any Xerox machine or home printer--the flames look fine in greyscale.  I design 'em cheap 'n easy for a reason.

You can download the PDF here.

PLEASE print a few of these if you're able and hand them out or hang them up around town. They're too amusing to ignore! :)

Leave me a note here should you find any issue with the above. Thank you.

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