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Beer Pong in Eyeliner

Right. As some of you know, and all of you should know, we have been tragically double-booked for the first hour of the night on Wednesday. With. Um. BEER PONG. Beer Pong in front, Noisy Goodness in back. Hmmmmmm.

Now, I myself was very stompy about this initially. I went through several stages of grief: denial ("it can't be true. It's all a misunderstanding."); fear ("maybe I won't wear anything all that interesting... it might not feel safe..."); anger ("I will strap the War Hammer of Justice to my back and KILL!"); bargaining ("maybe if I find something appropriate to sacrifice to Great Cthulhu it will turn out that this was all a bad dream?"). Okay, that last I made up just now. We all know perfectly well that Cthulhu is not interested in curing evils through the use of bad dreams, but CAUSING them.

However, I have now reached the stage of Acceptance. This state of relative grace came about when a coworker of mine decided that he would not only join the Beer Pong, but also recruit other people to play Beer Pong In Eyeliner. And suddenly immense vistas of potential humor opened before my heavily shadowed eyes.

So I suggest that everyone show up at 9:00 sharp, as hideously dressed up as is humanly possible, and join the fratboys in their game of Beer Pong. We're all supposed to be fascinated by freaking other people out. I don't think most of us are, but hey, if that's your scene, then consider: what could be more disturbing than a goth playing Beer Pong?

I have to back off from that image, actually. It's far too disturbing even to me.

I must admit that, while this is what I'm advocating that the rest of you do, I will not be participating in this particular plan. I'll be in the back listening to Sister Midnight and Mister Grey's lovely set, and accepting donations of Jack and Coke. However, I will laugh a lot more doing this if I know that Beer Pong is being slowly taken over and corrupted into blackness by such of my charming companions as can stand to drink cheap beer without actually dying on the spot. So, how about it? Who's up for Goth Pong?

May as well make it funny instead of annoying, eh?

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